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CreativeSoul is in fact
a creative soul.
Who manages award-winning projects,
organizes unforgettable events and
generates marketing concepts
of exceptional quality and creativity.
For nearly 20 years.


Rather than stating why a
"Magister" in Psychology a
Master in Sports-, Culture and Eventmanagement
and nearly 20 years of experience
in the creative industry
are a reliable combination,
I simply let clients and collegues
explain why...

Sébastien Stassin,
CCO & Partner KISKA GmbH

„Doina, from now on ... orange and ready to race will mean something else to me, or will lead me to think of someone with a strong character! All the best, enjoyed every minute working with you!“

Philipp Lampert,
Rookies at Work GmbH

„We’ve worked a long time together with Ms. Husiatynski (even before the founding of CreativeSoul). During this time we’ve created a wonderful relationship based on trust. We appreciate her industry knowledge and targeted approach to the projects we tackled together.“

Jan Kirsten Biener,
N A N S E N & P I C C A R D

„It’s always a pleasure to work with Doina. Particularly during long and complex projects. The project management is clear, input is always relevant, and results more than satisfy everyone involved.“

Fred Kendbacher,
CEO Progress Advertising,
Product Manager Gewista, Transport Media Austria

„Sensational and diverse. Doina and I crossed paths in a moment of ingenious web designs, concepts and PR. Great to see she’s doing her own thing!“

Mag. Verena Wegscheider,
Center-Managerin FORUM 1 Salzburg

„Doina, we’ve known each other for well over 10 years and worked together intensively when I was in PR at SPAR and you were at the corporate publishing agency. Your work is exceptionally service and customer oriented. You listen, ask questions, and understand what clients want. Implementation is fast and uncomplicated. On top of that we had a solid connection. To this day I’m proud of what we accomplished together“

DI (FH) Raffael Niedermüller,
CEO & CTO Conextra GmbH

„Professional success is built on competent, synergetic and reliable partnerships. For years, we’ve worked with Ms. Doina Husiatynski, because she is a reliable and open business partner who works according to our company motto: “Made for you”.“

Karina Reichl,
Fräulein Grün - Wiese, Wald und Wunder

„Diverse ideas and opportunities that are innovative and differentiated; Doina delivers new and creative approaches to projects. The advantage of working together is that in addition to her creativity, you also have tactical know-how and a great network to successfully implement goals.“

Mag. Gertraud Burtscher,
Brand Management, Marketing und Kommunikation

“Doina, what do I appreciate about working with you? A few lines are not enough, but if I had to the pick the top I’d say I most appreciate your:
- Professionalism paired with charm;
- Creativity and uncomplicated implementation;
- Organizational talent;
- Openness to other opinions, and new ways of doing things;
- Commitment to listening and understanding; and
- Last but not least, your sense of humour and humility.
I hope our paths cross again soon!”

Vanessa Wagner,
Zentrum für Familien- und Paarberatung,
Konfliktlösung und Mediation

„Mrs. Mag. Husiatynski revises texts quickly and effectively. Working with her is simply TOP. Great results, exactly according to my ideas. Agreements and communication were perfect. Always my pleasure. 100% recommendation.“


Soulful Advertising
Mag. Doina-Maria Husiatynski, M.A.
f: +43 699 17011313
Let´s soul it up!